All about the 'hewan' user.

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Notice: This is the official account for Hewan. It is run by Oakhearted most of the time but can be run by other admins aswell. Please send all inquiries to Oakhearted, thank you.

All about the 'hewan' user.


Post by hewan » Sun Mar 21, 2021 10:08 pm

The hewan user is the primary account that originally made the phpbb forums, run by oakhearted most of the time, this account could be classed as a non-player user and is only used sometimes OR if there's something the hewan admins want to do or announce etc.

People other than oakhearted who will help run this account:


The reason why I only allow trusted users is because this account is virtually what controls everything in this forum and site, so virtually anyone could alter settings and ruin Hewan for the rest of us.

The people who operate this account also help control the social media pages. Only trusted people can be admins and admin assistants.
I've updated the signature for this account aswell with helpful info etc.
I figured this account hadn't been logged on for a while haha.

So every post / interaction made with this account with include the user it's done from.

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Please do not send messages to this acc, because this is the system acc for Hewan.
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