Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Hewan. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Account Rules

      • You may only register with one account per person/individual on Hewan
        ( if you do not remember your first created account, Please contact oakhearted and he will restore it for you and change whatever is necessary )
        • You may play on the same IP address as a family member or friend, but you still need to follow rules and not bypass nor abuse any of them. If you want to take precautions, you are allowed to state on your profile that you share an IP with someone, such as putting this in your notice or even signature, here's an example:
          I share an IP with PJ, Please don't ban us! Thank you.
        • Banned users may only return to Hewan if they have either proven themselves to follow the rules and have Contact us beforehand!
        • You may not transfer ownership of your current Hewan account in any way possible
          This is for safety, trust and unfair advantage concerns.
        • You may not "merge" your account with another user's account at all.
          They could if they have not registered to Hewan to browse around, but we encourage every user having their own unique account.
          Shared accounts don't get benefits plus this can be stressful because at times, we won't be able to know who's on the account or not.
        • We kindly ask you not to share login information to anyone who isn't a Hewan administrator (if needed), this includes friends and family members.
        • You may not use your account to help someone else avoid COPPA restrictions, account restrictions/bans, or permission blocks.
        • Your account must be registered to a active, proper email address and, if required, you must provide an accurate answer to your date of birth: Before 2008 or After 2008

        If you have anymore account-related problems, visit here or Contact us!
  2. Terms and Conditions

    1. General Rules

      1. These rules apply to public forum posts, adoptable names, profile content, and private messages between users. This also includes content that is linked on Hewan from an external (off-site) source. Though we cannot moderate what you post on other sites, we can moderate whether or not you are allowed to lead others to those sites via Hewan. #
      2. Mature Content:
        • Nudity of any sort is deeply prohibited and is bannable without warning.
        • Please keep all conversations PG-13, This is a site for all ages!
        • The only mature content we are allowed to talk about has to be education-based, such as puberty, growing up, and mental illness, There must not be any sexual intent or M-15+ elements in these discussions.
      3. Interacting & Posting:
        • Be mindful of your language, some users are minors and dislike swearing, so please avoid using bad language towards or around others
        • Bullying is never tolerated, if a staff member witnesses a user bullying another, they will get a warning, if it happens again, they get a 2 day ban, if not stopped by then, it leads to a ban. Consequences vary!
        • Refrain from talking about content that is deemed as: offensive, highly controversial, triggering, questioning of one's traditions. We respect everybody here and their opinions.
        • Public blacklists aka PSA (Public Service Announcements) are not permitted: If a user is really bothering you, Please block them via adding them as a foe and don't aggravate the drama more.
        • Do not witch-hunt, cancel (cancel culture) or personally blacklist users either, We do not condone drama here since we are a peaceful community that is child-friendly!
        • Please report any wrong-doings or rule breaking behaviour to the Hewan staff, do not mini-mod and deal with it yourself because you could get into trouble too!
        • Do not beg or guilt-trip other users into doing stuff for you, especially staff members. You have to work hard to achieve something, to avoid begging, when asking for something, ask only once.
        • Trolling behaviour isn't tolerated, Examples of trolling:
          Posting to traumatize, agitate, disturb or startle others.
          Sabotage and vandalize conversations on purpose.
          Directly attack other threads intentionally.
          Bait users to click any topic or link (this includes using "clickbait" titles for threads).
        • Spamming is not allowed, Examples of spam:
          Interfere with the flow of the forums, especially through the use of excessive bumping of topics.
        • You may not create topics only to advertise other topics. To better understand what represents spam, Take a look at: What counts as "Spam"?
        • You cannot “Anti-” statements/viewpoints in user profiles, thread topic(s), or adoptable names.
          Statements and Viewpoints may break this rule even if they do not include the prefix “anti-” if they are intended to be negative.
          Please show your interests in a positive way.
        • Off-site trading can only be done with consenting sites, Any without permission can get you suspended or even worse; banned depending on the site and the trade
        • Selling items of any sort with real money, bitcoin, crypto-currency is forbidden, Anyone who tries to do this will get a warning / week ban (depending on circumstance), but if it persists, it leads to a ban.
        • Hewan is a freeware site for now, So only currencies that are allowed are virtual currencies that arent the ones described above, examples of allowed currencies are: c$, wc, cwp, mm, mp, treasure, gems
  3. Privacy & Safety

    1. Personal Information

      1. You can share:
        your first name, country, state, age group; you can ONLY state if you are an adult and/or minor!
        You cannot share:
        both your first and last names, city/town, age, phone number, year of birth, pictures of yourself or somebody else you know, post code/zip code, home address, name of the school/college/university/workplace, suburb, this also applies with sharing the info of friends, family or anyone you know! #
    2. Social Media

      1. Only certain social media outlets can be promoted on Hewan due to safety and COPPA, here's a list of social medias allowed and not allowed.
        Also some of the platforms will have customised icons, but some will just be in plain text or un-related icons if possible.
        This won't be ordered by any alphabetical means.
        Any user caught breaking these rules may either face a ban or a warning depending of the severity of given situation, so be mindful and read the rules! :)
        Also be careful when browsing online, take precautions aswell as encouraging your peers around you to also do the same and stay safe out there!
        Every social media that is allowed still has to abide by Hewan rules (e.g have no revealing personal info of you or others!).
      2. Allowed:
        Discord,, Deviantart, Artfight will not be included in this since there's existing profile fields for them.
        Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TikTok, Twitch,
        Wattpad,, Archive Of Our Own (AO3), Quotev
        Imgur, Flickr, 500px, Pastebin, Codepen, JSFiddle, GitHub
        Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, Listography,
        Padlet, Trello, Charahub,, AskFM, Curious Cat, Tellonym
        Facebook, Carrd, Wix, Weebly, Blogger, Wordpress
      3. Not Allowed:
        These are strictly prohibited and therefore banned from mentioning on Hewan, due to safety and privacy reasons, as well as violations to our terms of service.
        Any and all dating sites as well as finding friends irl in your local area with apps (such as Tinder and Yubo).
        Any irl money-making sites or shops such as Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, Redbubble and Paypal to name a few.
        Any mobile/cell phone service orientated apps such as Skype and WhatsApp (that have your phone number in any way).
        Anything business orientated (that has personal information) such as Foursquare and LinkedIn
        Snapchat is prohibited because when you open the app, the camera automatically comes up and will most likely show your face.
        4chan is also prohibited because it talks about explicit and deep web content, pretty much anything not suitable for everybody.
        Non family-friendly chatroom programs such as Tinychat and Omegle are prohibited because of the amount of predators that can be found on there. You won't entirely know for sure who's on the other end.