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Hello, My name's Millard! If you're curious about my name, it means caretaker of the mills. Welcome to the Hewan adoption center, every month or so, they will be pets of all kinds here.

General / Monthly

Good afternoon... Ahem, I mean; Greetings, Oh is it June already?! :O

Created by catonium

Stiltwalker Unusual Cat Japanese Bobtail

Hewan Name:
Stiltwalker Unusual Cat Siamese

Hewan Name:
Stiltwalker Unusual Cat Tuxedo Manx

Hewan Name:
Gatoraffe Seelie Fairy

Hewan Name:
Gatoraffe Unseelie Fairy

Hewan Name:

Created by RikUKMB
Flora Cat Rose

Hewan Name:
Flora Cat Lotus

Hewan Name:
Flora Cat Lily

Hewan Name:
Don't worry, They'll be more coming in the near future! Especially for our anniversary hopefully! :)

Bonus Adoptables

Good things come to those who wait... They'll arrive here shortly! :P

Seasonal / Holiday

None at the moment, but later on there will be :3

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